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We are the executive coaching firm who helps fast-growth startups scale.

Our firm supports the next generation of CEOs and their leadership teams.

Our team members’ collective experience includes coaching leaders within
100s of startups, the Fortune 500, the US Military, NASA, and Burning Man.

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We help CEOs of startups and their management teams up-level their leadership skills to meet the challenges of scaling a company.

As startups hire more people and build their organizations, it becomes increasingly important to build excellence and accountability, especially at the top. As the company grows, the cost of mistakes increases and a company culture can quickly get far away from highly-innovative, fast-moving, debate-driven culture of the early days.

We are a coaching firm that specializes in pre-IPO startups, understands the challenges they face, and can help leaders grow with their companies. We have a proprietary toolset designed and created specifically to help startup leaders identify their growth areas, track their progress, and continually improve themselves and their entire teams.

What follows is a description of our services.


Executive Coaching

Individual coaching programs to help high potential leaders master seven fundamental leadership practices


Co-Founder Coaching

Coaching programs among Co-Founders that develop their personal leadership styles and their ability as a team to scale their companies


Embedded Coaching Programs

The firm recruits, trains, and manages coaches each of who works full time within one startup to develop dozens of their internal managers

Neuberg, Gore & Associates uses several proprietary tools to help executives become inspiring leaders.

Saturn Leadership™ Index

The Saturn Leadership™ Index helps leaders identify their blind spots and become great. The SLI’s 46 leadership behaviors were identified by surveying executives at over 100 startups on how their leaders gained or lost their confidence.

See the Saturn Leadership™ Index

Saturn C.U.B.E. for Conflict™ for Challenging Conversations

The Saturn C.U.B.E. for Conflict™ was created to boil down complex models of communication into one practical, easy-to-use model that helps leaders avoid the most common mistakes in difficult conversations.

See the Saturn C.U.B.E. for Conflict™

Take the SLI & Saturn C.U.B.E. for Conflict™ Assessment


Bryan NeubergLinkedIn
Managing Partner

  • Was one of 36 at the Google Engineering Coaching Center
  • Ran large sales teams; made 45,000+ cold-calls
  • 6,000+ hours coaching leaders

Jason GoreLinkedIn Full Resume > 
Managing Partner

  • Led leadership programs in 80 cities globally for Fortune 500s, NASA, and Burning Man
  • Coached dozens of startup CEOs
  • Taught Negotiations at Harvard Law & Haas as a TA

Bryan BayerLinkedIn
Founding Partner

  • Co-founded The Integral Center a training company
    with 25 chapters. They have trained 10,000 people
  • 12-years experiencing coaching multiple sectors
    including manufacturing, technology, finance

Evelyn RodsteinLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • Chief Talent Officer at 4 global Fortune 500s
    – KPMG, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank
  • Coached Founders with few to 1000s of employees
  • Former licensed therapist

Ann MehlLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • One of the top-ranked female executive coaches in NYC
  • Coached 100s of startup leaders
  • Former institutional sales manager at Citigroup

Geoff HanzlikLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • Mentor at Techstars
  • Ran a private practice as a licensed therapist for a decade
  • 10,000+ career hours of one-on-one sessions

Faith CohenLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • Mentor at Techstars
  • Schooled in neuropsychology and brain rewiring
  • 30,000+ career hours of one-on-one sessions

Robert MacNaughtonLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • Oversaw 100 team members as CEO of the Integral Center
  • Led over 100+ in-person trainings in experience education
  • An authority on holistic organizational practices and postmodern culture design

Ray BrejchaLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • Sold 80M in hardware, software and services
  • Trained 45 psychologists and coaches in delivering transformational experiences
  • Former executive at Oracle and Automation Anywhere

Craig RevordLinkedIn
Senior Expert

  • Mentor at Techstars
  • Led 100+ culture and leadership development trainings nationwide
  • Senior Team Coaching certificate in progress

Alita Watson - Senior Associate and Embedded Coach

Alita WatsonLinkedIn
Senior Associate & Embedded Coach

  • Coached 20+ CEOs to transform their organizational health and culture
  • Created partnerships and infrastructure with Ministries of Health in 16 developing countries with the
  • Founded two startups and a non-profit


Our firm can embed a senior associate from our firm full-time into maturing companies with whom we work. Each internal coach runs individual and group coaching programs for the company’s entire emerging group of Directors to reinforce the management practices of the executive team and company culture.

Tell us how we can help. We will respect your privacy and promise that all of your personal information will remain confidential. Oh, and don’t forget to hit “submit” when you’re finished.

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The Saturn Leadership™ Index (SLI) is a proprietary leadership model that helps leaders become great. The SLI’s 46 leadership behaviors were identified by surveying executives at over 100 startups on how their leaders gained or lost their confidence.  

To identify your strengths and improvement opportunities

Take the Self-Assessment

The Saturn Leadership™ pillars and micro-practices are listed below or you can

Download a Copy of the SLI

Seven Leadership Pillars

  1. Inspires with a clear vision and roadmap
  2. Listens with openness and curiosity
  3. Speaks with transparency and authenticity
  4. Facilitates healthy debates and meetings
  5. Makes Decisions inclusively and effectively
  6. Delegates effectively and creates accountable teams
  7. Supports Others in developing and succeeding

Leadership Micro-Practices (46)

  1. Inspires with a clear vision and roadmap
    1. Embodies and shares a compelling vision of the future.
    2. Communicates and breaks down the vision so that people see how they fit in.
    3. Establishes clear roadmaps that define the milestones & short-term future.
    4. Establishes clear priorities so that people know what to work on.
    5. Renegotiates priorities with others when things change. Does not pile on new objectives without reprioritizing old ones.
    6. Establishes key metrics and indicators to stay on track.
  2. Listens with Openness & Curiosity
    1. Brings curiosity and a willingness to be influenced.
    2. Approachable and open to critical feedback on their ideas, decisions and leadership style. Willing to learn from mistakes.
    3. Digs for others’ underlying interests and concerns.
    4. Listens to ideas fairly, regardless of who is presenting them.
    5. Empathizes with others and notices people’s emotions.
    6. Listens in a way that people feel heard.
  3. Speaks with Transparency & Authenticity
    1. Clearly expresses where they stand on issues.
    2. Shares their opinions and concerns, even if unpopular or lacking certainty.
    3. Owns their opinions as opinions. Does not position their opinions as facts to prove their point.
    4. Addresses challenging issues promptly. Names the elephant in the room.
    5. Gives honest feedback. Shares their perspective when they are dissatisfied with people’s work.
    6. Cleans up issues with others. Does not harbor resentment.
  4. Facilitates Healthy Debates & Meetings
    1. Leads effective meetings. Clarifies the objectives and avoids unnecessary rabbit holes.
    2. Stays present and avoids cell phone and computer distractions.
    3. Embraces creative conflict. Does not shy away from passionate debate.
    4. Draws the quiet people out.
    5. Brainstorms with others to generate creative solutions.
    6. Has sufficient understanding of an issue and others’ opinions before advocating for a specific solution.
  5. Makes Decisions Inclusively & Effectively
    1. Includes the right people in decision-making.
    2. Considers others’ opinions and concerns before deciding. Respects people’s roles and expertise.
    3. Has a bias for action. Willing to try out ideas and see what is learned, e.g. rapid prototyping.
    4. Makes good and timely decisions. Takes appropriate risks even if all the information is not available.
    5. Is clear when a decision is made and ensures full group alignment. Even if some people would have made a different decision, they “disagree and commit.”
    6. Establishes clear next steps.
    7. Proactively informs people who are impacted by decisions.
  6. Delegates Effectively & Creates Accountable Teams
    1. Ensures commitments are clear, realistic, and agreed upon (who is doing what by when).
    2. Does what they say they will do. Follows up.
    3. Tracks progress on commitments and ensures completion.
    4. Renegotiates when commitments are in jeopardy. Avoids surprising others with bad news or last-minute delays.
    5. Allows people to fulfill their roles and make decisions without micromanaging them.
    6. Holds people accountable. When commitments are missed, discusses what went wrong and gets a new commitment.
    7. When tasks are completed, gives helpful feedback (both positive and negative).
    8. Ensures the right person is in the role, moving or letting people go when it’s the wrong fit.
  7. Supports Others in Developing and Succeeding
    1. Motivates people to bring their best and strive for excellence.
    2. Offers frequent and genuine appreciation for people’s contributions.
    3. When people are failing, offers support and resources (instead of beating them up).
    4. Debriefs issues. Assumes positive intent and helps others learn from mistakes.
    5. Coaches, challenges and supports people to develop their skills and careers.
    6. Leads effective 1-on-1’s.
    7. Does not talk negatively behind people’s backs (no triangulation). When they have an issue, they speak directly to the person.

We are the executive coaching firm who helps fast-growth startups scale.

Our firm supports the next generation of CEOs and their leadership teams.

Our team member's collective experience includes coaching leaders within 100s of startups, the Fortune 500, the US Military, and NASA.

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