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Senior Executive Coach: Description & Questionnaire

Posted on: August 6th, 2018 by Nicole Hanusek

Thank you for your interest in working with our firm! Below, you will find information about us and our selection criteria–all of which is followed by a questionnaire.

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Neuberg, Gore & Associates is looking for a senior executive coach who loves working with early-to mid-stage startups.

ABOUT US: Neuberg, Gore & Associates (NGA) is a premier executive coaching firm that solely helps pre-IPO startup CEOs and their leadership teams build the mindsets and leadership skills to scale their companies. Our firm’s managing partners are Jason Gore and Bryan Neuberg.

Clients have included Harry’s, Spredfast, Casper, MakerDAO, PolicyGenius, Sonder, Glossier, and dozens more including companies in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Frontier, and Healthcare technologies. Our team members’ collective experience includes coaching leaders in 100s of startups, the Fortune 500, the US Military, NASA, and even Burning Man.

Our firm’s coaching methodology is based on years of unique research into 100s of startup leaders The result is a methodology called the Startup Leadership Index in which all of their firm’s programs are grounded. We support the next generation of business leaders through one-on-one coaching programs, executive team facilitation, and full-time embedded coaches in their client’s companies.

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ABOUT THE ROLE: We would love to work with a seasoned coach who thrives on working with technology (enabled) startups. Because coaching can be a solitary profession, you want to join a community of peers who commune as a learning community through skill shares, exchanging best practices, and peer-reviewing case studies.

Selection Criteria:

  • Minimum of 5-years experience as a full-time executive coach
  • Experience coaching leaders from venture-backed technology startups
  • Coached 5 or more CEOs or Founders (in a business context)
  • Training in and agility with psychological approaches to coaching
  • Bandwidth to take on a half-dozen coachees by year’s end
  • We are especially seeking candidates who are persons-of-color


Please answer in depth while being concise. 

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CONTACT INFO: If you have any questions, please email managing partner Bryan Neuberg at